Convert OLM to PST

Export from OLM to PST for Windows Outlook & eight other formats with Mac OLM Exporter

Technically convert OLM to PST, PDF, MSG, EML, HTML, MBOX, CSV, vCard, Office 365. OLM file Converter is expert suggested software which can migrate Mac OLM file to Windows Outlook emails along with Calendars, Tasks, Journals & other items. Outlook Mac exporter is launched with widest features to solve the query of Apple OS users who want to switch from Mac Outlook to Windows OS.

  • Convert Mac OLM to Windows PST database files with Contacts, Calendars etc.
  • Migrate OLM file to UNICODE PST Outlook format by default
  • Inbuilt option to divide a bulky resultant PST file into smaller PST files
  • Category Selection filter to choose specific data items like emails, contacts, tasks, and etc.
  • Offers naming convention option to save EML, PDF & MSG files & others
  • Option to set Page Layout, Orientaton, Add Bates Number & Date Stamp while saving to PDF
  • Retains folder structure after Mac Outlook data exportation process
  • Provides date filter option to selectively export the files
  • Feature to preview the details of the OLM files in various view modes
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows OS including Windows 10

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Features Convert OLM to PST

convert olm to pst

Export Mac OLM to Windows PST

A streamlined product which focuses on how to migrate Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook email storage file. It loads Mac Outlook data OLM file, scans it, extracts complete email data from it and stores in a new PST file which can be accessed in Microsoft Outlook.

convert olm to eml msg

Migrate OLM file to 9 File Formats

Software performs conversion of Mac OLM email data to multiple file formats. Along with PST file, software allows conversion to eight other file formats. This helps to access data in email clients like Windows Live Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, etc. However, in the case of PDF format, a user can access PDF file in any of the supporting device.

bulk olm

Export Mac Outlook File Completely

Mac OLM Converter is a complete form of technology and works to yield maximum benefits at users' perspective. It migrates complete data of Outlook for Mac OLM to Windows PST and others, including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc., along with technical properties like email headers, attached files, links, inline images, etc.

preview items with attributes

Preview Emails Before OLM Conversion

The entire preview of OLM email data is available; left-pane shows the folder-list of Mails, Calendars, Contacts, Notes, etc., and the right pane shows lists of folder items along with attributes; Subject, Size, etc. In addition, a user view each email and assigned attachments is shown in 8 different vieweing mode. It includes Normal, Properties, Message Header, MIME, HEX, RTF, HTML, and Attachment view respectively.

multiple naming

Naming Conventions to Save Files

OLM file to PST exporter allows choosing a Naming Style for Email files like EML, MSG, etc. As it provides seven naming conventions like; Subject+Date, From+Subject+Date, Date, AutoIncrement, etc. This helps to manage MSG and EML files in an organized manner which makes them easy to search.

switch screen mode

OLM Converter with Flexible Interface

An easy interface which is self-explaining and lets users to migrate OLM to PST procedure themselves. It has an Outlook-like interface which makes the process comfortable. OLM file converter software is also embedded with Horizontal and Vertical views which can be switched as per requirement.

option to split large pst

Option to Divide Resultant Outlook PST File

The software that convert OLM to PST allows dividing MS Outlook PST file according to the pre-defined size mentioned by you in order to break large Outlook files. For this, you can check the option of Split PST while selecting PST as Export as an option providing size in GB or MB after which converted PST file will get divided.

export selective folders

Allows Selective Data Export

By default, all the items are selected, but you can make your own selection by checking required items or folders. The items which are checked will only get exported from OLM file. Apart from this, a category-wise selection filter is also offered by the software. You can choose the data items like emails, contacts, calendars, task, notes that you want to convert. Using this option you can avoid exporting complete data from OLM to Windows Outlook, it will save time and only specific data will get migrated.

save scanned olm file

Option to Save Scanned OLM File

In case of large OLM file, scanning can take a bit more time. In such scenarios, user can use the option to save OLM file and perform the exporting task later. Once the scanning process of OLM file is done, you can save the already scanned file and thus you can save time to re-scan the same file again.

maintains folder tree

Preserves Folders Hierarchy

In order to avoid any confusion while accessing Outlook for Mac OLM emails in MS Outlook application, software that convert OLM to PST preserves the folder sequence and structure in the converted PST file as well. This is an integrated feature which is done automatically to preserve the folder structure of email file.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Mac OLM converter can easily convert OLM to PST, EML, PDF, MSG, etc file format without any alteration in original data of Mac Outlook emails. Users who want to switch from Mac Outlook to Windows can download the demo version of the tool to analyse the technicality of the tool.
Yes, the tool does support multiple OLM file conversion at a time, and can migrate multiple mail boxes of Mac Outlook file. Users can also save the Multiple scanned copy of OLM file with in the software.
No, the software does not support Mac OS. This tool is specially developed for Windows Operating System.
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